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Original Rototec-Spintec Products

Here are some samples about our productline. 
These products are also distributed by Wilmad Glassware.

Explosion Protection for NMR Tubes

Explosion protection for NMR Tubes which have any gas present in excess of 500 Bar. 
For Bruker systems 
with integrated Optic Sensor 
and all Varian/Agilent NMR systems 
up to 500 Bar

Explosion Protection Online shop

Spinner Turbines for various 
Probe Designs

We supply the most common 5 mm and 10 mm Spinner Turbines for Agilent (Varian) / Nalorac and Bruker NMR spectrometers.

The Spinner Turbines are manufactured to precision standards that meet or exceed those of the spectrometer manufacturers. A 5mm PEEK version for Varian Spectrometers with superior VT performance and magnetic susceptibility has been released, as well as a POM based RT version for high throughput sample changers. The POM Spinner Turbine for Bruker Spectrometers incorporates two O-rings for ease-of-use and snug fit on the sample tube. The POM Spinner Turbines for Bruker Spectrometers can also be used in high field NMR Probe Designs.

MAS Cap Remover

For Bruker 
1.3, 2.5, 3.2 & 4.0 mm Rotors
The worldʼs first decent rotor turbine cap remover

Many years ago we found the top or bottom cap of various MAS-probes were very difficult to remove using a tool supplied with the probe. 
Rototec-Spintec  started to develop  a rotor clamp to grip the rotor and enable the user to unscrew the rotor from the upper and lower caps. 
This product was the world’s first rotor turbine cap remover.

Cap Remover Instruction

MAS Rotors & Caps

Manufactured from the highest purity Zirconia, our MAS Rotors  provide the NMR spectroscopist with the ultimate alternative for analysis of solid samples.  The need to solvate solid samples is eliminated. They are available for most of the present solid state NMR spectrometers. Our MAS Rotors are carefully examined for material irregularities by various methods before and after the precision machining process. High precision (which becomes a necessity for proper spinning performance) is maintained in the manufacture of the end caps. Most end caps are fitted with O-rings for better sealing. Some caps have axial holes for venting.

Solids-Rotor MAS-Rotor MAS-Rotor-Cap

Kel-F Caps for 2.5mm Rotors 
Bruker CP/MAS Probes

Bruker Rotors and Caps

2.5mm rotors for Bruker CP / MAS probes with radically reduced 1H background (Vmax 20 - 25 kHz), allows excellent spinning speed with significantly less 1H background signal.

TOMCO Broadband-Amplifier

The BT0 2000-DualChannel series is a range of class AB RF-Amplifier. 
Each unit contains two independent RF channels, each with an output power rating of 1kW, customisable for operation at a fixed frequency within the 40MHz-310MHz range. 

TOMCO-Amplifier Read Data Sheet More NMR-Amplifiers

SP-FTS AirJet Cooling System

 FTS Thermal Products offer low temperature cooling equipment for any thermal management requirement. Systems are available with contact, fluid or air cooling mediums with a wide variety of temperature ranges and heat load capacities.