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Solids-State NMR
Doty Scientific Solids Probes

Doty Scientific has long experience in developing CP/MAS Probes  for Varian, Agilent, Bruker, Jeol, Tecmag and other systems.

For over 30 years, Doty has been a driving force in the technological manufacture of solid state probes and has developed patented innovations and products in this area. The following probe heads and accessories are available from us and will also be installed by us on request.

  • Florine Quad H/F/X/Y
  • Solids/Liquids MAS
  • High Temperature MAS
  • Liquids PFG/Diffusion
  • Liquids HR
  • High Temp Liquids and PFG

NMR Probes & Accessories

Various probes
for different field strength are available

Probe Specifications:
H/F/X/Y Fluorine Quad MAS
NB H/X or H/X/Y MAS Probes − with Low E Fields
WB Ultra Range H/X or H/X/Y Probes − Some Down to -180 Grad C
WB Ultra Range H/X or H/X/Y Probes − Some Up to +500 Grad C
Liquids NMR and PFG/Diffusion Probes − XVT up to +300 Grad C
Liquids Diffusion / PFG (Pulsed Field Gradient) Z Gradient Probes
Custom Liquids High-Resolution NMR Probes
Magic Angle Gradient MAS
SAS (Switched Angle Spinning)
Wideline Probe
Wide-line NB High-Temperature (-110 to 250 o C) 3 mm H/X Probes

Supporting the NMR/MRI researcher with custom probe development expertise and the best solids NMR and MRI-RF products. 

Please call us for technical details and specifications.

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NMR Solids Probes & Accessories

  • Solids / Liquids MAS
  • SAS (Switched Angle)
  • CryoMAS
  • PFG / Diffusion
  • Liquids HR
  • High Temperature
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MRI Accessories

  • RF Imaging Coils:
  • Volume Coil Modules
  • Small Animal Imaging Platforms
  • Surface Coils
  • Vertical Bore Imaging Probes
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Doty MRI-Coils for  Animals

Doty Scientific has developed  rf imaging coils that are truly unique.   Simple-tune Litz and Litzcage coils provide extraordinary homogeneity and unmatched S/N.   
(Some have thought that Doty Litz or Litzcage coils are made with litz wire.  That is not the case.  An old meaning of the word litz is woven.  The coils, with the Doty patented insulated crossovers, can be thought of as “woven” coils.)

MRI Coils that work, superbly, even at 750 MHz
CP /  MAS-Probe

Example: WB Ultra-Range CP/MAS Probe 

 A 5 mm High Temperature (HT) model is available with operation up to +500°C . 
The Low Temperature (LT) model provides operation down to -180°C .
  • Broad Temperature Range Choose HT -100°C to +500°C or LT -180°C to +250°C.
  • Broad Tuning Range with tuning inserts 31P to 103Rh
  • Double-Tuned 1H/X or Triple-Tuned 1H/X/Y
  • The LT Version is Compatible with DNP – microwaves from the top
  • Broad Range of LT Spinner Options 5 mm, 4 mm, or 3 mm
  • Sample Eject Option Is Available with 3 mm 
  • For WB Magnets Only, 300 MHz to 700 MHz
Please contact our office for more Informations !