1.   3 mm tubes
  2.   4 mm tubes
  3.   5 mm tubes
  4.   6,5 - 7,5 mm tubes
  5.   8 mm tubes
  6.   10 mm tubes
  7.   12 mm tubes
  8.   13 mm tubes
  9.  16 - 20 mm tubes
  10.   22 - 30 mm tubes
  1.   Bruker 2,5 mm tubes
  2.   Quartz tubes
  3.   Tube caps
  4.   Amberized tubes
  5.   Constricted tubes
  6.   Capillary tubes
  7.   Shigemi NMR tubes
  8.  Sapphire NMR tubes

Wilmad´s Glass Tubes 

Wilmad-LabGlass products are manufactured using state of the art processing and inspection equipment. This allows us to provide items of the highest quality and tolerances in the industry for pharmaceutical research, aerospace systems, analytical measurement equipment, nuclear magnetic (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance or electron spin resonance (EPR/ESR) systems plus sophisticated electronic components and subassemblies.
Wilmad-LabGlass is offering best in scientific products and engineered glassware around the world. 
Wilmad-LabGlass has a combined 60+ years of providing the best, state of the art glass and quartz precision engineered and precision bore products.

Wilmad NMR TubesThe Wilmad tubes are ideal for high throughput NMR measurements and non-spinning experiments, even at high field strengths, packaged in cartons of 100 tubes without end caps (available separately) for a special net price of 99,40 Euro for 100 Tubes!

PTFE-FEP NMR Tube Liners - 
Product Group A

For NMR investigations where chemical compounds such as hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride and concentrated hydroxide solutions are present.Tube liners are round-bottom and made from Teflon (Polytetra-fluoroethylene/Fluorimated Ethylene Polypropylene copolymer). Thin-wall construction minimizes filling-factor losses. Although the liners are not rigid, they straighten upon insertion into the sample tube. Not recommended for elevated  temperature studies. A PTFE plug is included with each liner.For 29Si studies, the Teflon Tube Liners can be inserted into an NMR sample tube where the bottom 50 - 60 mm of the sample tube has been removed.

Pressure / Vacuum Tubes - Product Group A

Our Pressure / Vacuum tubes are commonly used for catalytic studies, T1 measurements, gas / liquid phase reactions and elevated temperature studies using low boiling point solvents. Designed to be connected to either a 1/8" Stainless Steel vacuum line using SwageLok fittings (see spare parts table) or a rubber vacuum hose using a glass connector (OF-60), the system is rugged and easy to use. The PV-ANV valve is made out of Teflon and all other parts are Pyrex or equivalent glass, assuring you chemical resistivity. Valve is opened simply by turning  counterclockwise. Tubes can be kept under vacuum or pressure for a considerable length of time.


Tip-Off Manifold - 
Product Group A

For preparation of Air-Sensitive NMR sample mixtures. Vacuum transfers, freeze-pump-thaws and sample sealing is easy to complete.The manifold port can be fused quickly to a vacuum pack. Chemical resistance of the manifold ports is excellent; only Viton, Teflon and Pyrex can contact the sample mixture.The NMR tube connects to a threaded aluminium bushing which is isolated from the vacuum by a Teflon high vacuum rotary valve with Viton o-rings. A twist of the wrist opens and closes both the rotary valve and port bushing.

Low Pressure / Vacuum (LPV) - Product Group A

LPV valve tubes are commonly used for air sensitive samples. T1 measurements, catalytic studies, gaseous samples and when using volatile solvents. The LPV valve can be attached atop any precision WILMAD NMR tube. The following list shows a sampling of our most popular tubes. We can also custom manufacture them for you to a specific size and length.

Screw Cap Tubes -Product Group A

The Screw Cap tube is commonly used when you need to add sample or reactant using either syringe or cannula in order to avoid contaminating sample with atmospheric gases. You can also fit a Coaxial Insert (WGS-5BL) into the tube and seal the system air tight for external referencing, external locking, studying intermolecular interactions or determining magnetic susceptibility. Custom sizes are available. Just ask our Customer Service Department. Tube comes with cap and septum. Caps and Septum can be ordered seperately.


Screw Cap Accessories - Product Group A
PTFE / Rubber
Laminated discs consisting of a sheath of PTFE bonded chemically to white pharmaceutical rubber. Inert to most solvents and many corrosive materials. Not recommended for multiple punctures.
PTFE / Silicone
Laminated discs consisting of a PTFE sheath bonded chemically to silicone rubber. Inert to most organic solvents and compounds;  however, not recommended for use with strongly corrosive materials. Resealability properties of silicone rubber are excellent.

Omnifit Tubes - Product Group A

Omni-Fit tubes are commonly used for vacuum applications, where sample or reactants are injected into the tube. Tubes must be kept either under vacuum or ambient pressure and are not intendet for higher presssure applications (see J Young tubes). Order OFV (complete valve) and 507-OF-X for complete system set up. Other parts are sold separately.