We do not only deliver small parts for chemical laboratories,  but also ...

  1. NMR-Accessories (see below)
  2. Pulsamplifier for Varian/Agilent NMR-Systems (AMT Replacement) and other vendors
  3. Impedance Anlayzer for frequency measurements and tuning of NMR-Probes and MRI-Heads etc.
  4. High Pressure NMR
  5. Scientific AirJet Sample Cooler
  6. NMR Solids CP/MAS Probes (Doty)

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The MQC+  is a compact benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analyser. It is available as three models: MQC+23, MQC+5 and MQC+F. MQC+23 is used for smaller samples and high sensitivity applications; for example it is used to measure small amounts of oil applied to artificial fibres and fabrics to enhance their properties. MQC+5 is used for large samples, typically agricultural products; measuring the oil, and moisture content in oilseeds. MQC+F is used to measure fluorine in toothpaste and minerals. The MQC+ NMR analyser replaces wet chemical analysis, which uses hazardous chemicals. It allows you to measure more samples much faster. Unlike wet chemical methods, the MQC+ doesn't destroy the sample being measured. It can also measure physical properties including crystallinity and density of polymers.

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NMR-Broadband X-Pulse System

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High-Pressure NMR Assembly

ROTOTEC-SPINTEC-EXPL-PROTECT for any NMR / EPR System up to 500 Bar in the case of Varian / Agilent / JEOL / Magritek or in excess of 500 Bar if a Bruker or Oxford Instruments Pulsar system is to be used.

  In recent times the interest in high pressure NMR / EPR has been increasing necessitating the development of an explosion protection chamber to protect the user.
  If the system being used contains no gas and is 100% liquid based as in the case of the Extreme Pressure NMR systems currently running up to 3 kbar, no explosion protection is required as the system cannot explode as per basic physics. However, if a gas is present the risk of explosion is real and is not to be taken lightly.

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Wilmad LabGlassware

Wilmad-LabGlass is a leading manufacturer of NMR and EPR sample tubes and accessories, a diverse line of Laboratory Glassware and Scientific Equipment, as well as Precision Engineered Glass, OEM Quartz components and assemblies. Rototec-Spintec offer Glassware and select glass repair services to maximize the life of your laboratory items.


FTS Cooling Systems

FTS Thermal Products offer low temperature cooling equipment for any thermal management requirement. Systems are available with contact, fluid or air cooling mediums with a wide variety of temperature ranges and heat load capacities.

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Doty Scientific - Solids Probes

Solids NMR Doty Scientific, Inc. was founded by Dr. F. David Doty (president and chief engineering scientist) in May 1982, in Columbia, South Carolina, for the primary purpose of designing and manufacturing scientific instrumentation. The company's initial product was a CP/MAS (Cross Polarization/Magic Angle Spinning) probe for chemical structure determination of solid materials via Nuclear Magnetic Reso­nance (NMR).

TOMCO-Amplifier TOMCO-Logo

TOMCO Amplifiers

TOMCO Technologies designs and manufactures a broad range of all solid-state, pulsed RF amplifiers. These high performance amps are mature, well proven, class AB designs which have been developed for use in the most demanding high power pulsed RF applications. We offer broadband and narrow-band pulsed RF amplifiers operating at frequencies from 10kHz to 1GHz and peak output power levels from 50W to ~500kW.

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Daedalus Innovations 
-High Pressure NMR-

High pressure NMR has a long and storied history in physics, chemistry and biophysics. However, historically the method has been greatly limited by the absence of commercial availability of high performance, large active volume NMR sample tubes capable of safe and sustained operation above 1 kbar pressures. Recent installations have been up to 2.5 kbar pressures.