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We have a new Web Based shop, initially for quotations only but in time to become a fully fledged Web shop. 
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Optimizing Battery Electrolyte Performance & Quality 
with Benchtop NMR

Benchtop NMR has a wide range of application in battery technology. 
Using benchtop spectroscopy with X-Pulse it is possible to characterise liquid electrolytes in great detail from research applications in the development of new electrolyte formulations to manufacturing process and quality control to the understanding of battery failures through electrolyte degradation. 
Using benchtop time domain NMR with MQC+ or MQR it is possible to characterise porosity of separator membranes, measure particle sizes of graphite in anode slurries as well as any other material properties of typical battery components.

Oxford Instruments
"Web-Seminar Introduction
  to Time Domain NMR"

Time domain NMR is used for QA/QC applications in the food, oilseeds, textile and other industries; it primarily replaces wet chemical methods for measuring oil/fat content. 
It is also possible to measure different phases; for example, solid fat content during the melting of edible oils/fats, and amorphous or crystalline content which correlates with various physical and chemical properties of polymers. 

Time domain NMR can also be used to determine pore and droplet size distribution.   This webinar will highlight the basic theory, capabilities and applications of Time Domain NMR for fast, accurate and solvent-free process and quality control. 
By the end of the webinar you will have learnt:
   • What time domain NMR is 
   • What time domain NMR can measure 
   • Where time domain NMR can be used

The MQR is a high performance TD-NMR research system designed for applications based on relaxation and/or diffusion measurements. The system includes a high performance digital spectrometer, 20MHz (0.47T) permanent magnet, and a choice of interchangeable 10, 18 and 26mm probes.

Brochure TimeDomain-NMR
Disinfecting NMR Spinner Turbines

Brandnew TOMCO Broadband-Amplifier

The BT02000-DualChannel series is a range of class AB RF amplifier. Each unit contains two independent RF channels, each with an output power rating of 1kW, customisable for operation at a fixed frequency within the 40MHz-310MHz range. 

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